Nordstrom Sale Dupes

Maybe you don’t want to wait until the Nordstrom Sale opens up to the public or maybe some of the items you had your eye on has already sold out. This can happen with the Nordstrom Sale with so many people searching for the same items before they can shop or before they get the chance to add it to their cart. There are so m any great options, but I’m rounding up the options you can shop right now without having to wait for the sale to commence. Here are all my Nordstrom Sale Dupes.

Active Wear Dupes

I love this Adidas sweatshirt and was so happy to see that Nordstrom Rack had a very similar style that could be purchased now. The coloring and detail is so similar that it’s a great dupe for the Nordstrom Sale pick.

Shop Here: Active Wear Dupes

Free People Dupes

This Free people dupes are such great options to the ones on sale this year. The pants are the same, just in a different color, and retailing for under $40. The shirts are the same material just with a different design in the front and different colors, but is a great option for the already sold out Free People Sale shirt that is apart of the Nordstrom Sale.

Shop Here: Free People Dupes

Dress Dupes

The dressed and booties are slightly different, but are the same style of a flowy dress with a chunky heel bootie. Both booties options are waterproof so they’re a great dupe. The Nordstrom Sale Blondo bootie is alrealdy sold out in all sizes.

Shop Here: Dress Dupes

Jacket/Shacket Dupes

If you’re looking for a denim jacket, this is a much more affordable option with the same wash. The shackets on the other hand are a different color pattern, however, have the same plaid pattern and you can’t go wrong with the purple BP pick for under $15.

Shop Here: Jacket/Shacket Dupes

Cardigan Dupes

These cardigans are so similar with the button detail down the front. The Nordstrom version comes with the tank and the cardigan over it as a set and I’ve linked a great option from Inspired Boutique, which has that as well. it can be found at the link below. If you’re just looking for the cardigan style and not the tank, this would be a great option.

Shop Here: Cardigan Dupes

Scalloped Blouse Dupes

The difference in these tops is one is scalloped at the top, while the other has the scalloping at the bottom, but are equally trending. They’re both great staple pieces for the fall and both have neutral colors that can go with a lot.

Shop Here: Scalloped Blouse Dupes

Destin Waterproof Bootie Dupes

The Blondo version of these booties are already sold out on Nordstrom in all sizes and it’s not a definite that they will be restocked at the sale price. However, these Natural booties are almost exact dupes to the Blondo ones and are the same price. The only difference between the booties is the Blondo ones are waterproof, where the coconut brand booties are not.

Shop Here: Destin Waterproof Bootie Dupes

I hope these dupes are perfect for the Nordstrom Sale items you wanted, but couldn’t quite get. as a reminder these links are affiliate links and I do make a small commission off the links if you purchase through them. Any purchase through my links are greatly appreciated! Happy Shopping!